About Us

Mission Statement
It is the mission of Valley Adventist Christian School (VACS)  to impart a thorough knowledge of the Bible as the Word of God and to guide toward obedience to its principles, to provide an atmosphere in which the students may become acquainted with Jesus Christ and to promote reverence for God and thoughtfulness to man.  We, as Seventh-day Adventists, want our children to be practicing Christians that are loyal, patriotic citizens who are aware of the needs of their neighbors.  We want each student to have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents for the purpose of serving others in a society often devoted to personal interest.

Our Philosophy

The Seventh-day Adventist Church desires, through all its education programs to help prepare the youth for effective citizenship on this earth and for rewarding citizenship in the new earth.

The educational program of the church gives primary emphasis to character building and to the spiritual foundation of the life of its children and youth.  Moreover, it strives to make provisions for the acquisition and interpretation of knowledge, which is appropriate from the secular and religious sources for mental, social, vocational, and physical development.

Our Staff